Signs That It’s Time For AC Repair

Having the ability to fix things around the house is one of the great joys of being a homeowner. But there are some tasks that should only be left to the pros, like repairing a burst pipe, clogged kitchen sink or a broken window handle. And the same can be said for air conditioning repair, with many repairs requiring professional help from an HVAC technician.

The average air conditioner is able to serve its owner for 10 to 15 years before it needs to be replaced. However, the unit may need to be repaired or serviced several times during this time frame. A well-maintained air conditioner can continue to operate properly, even in the heat of summer, when it is working hardest.

While the AC repair process is different for every system, a general AC service usually involves inspecting the various components of the unit, servicing what needs to be serviced and performing any necessary repairs. The process also typically includes checking the unit’s fuses to make sure that they haven’t blown and that no other issues are present.

Having an air conditioning repair specialist come out to your home and diagnose any issues is an important step in keeping your home cool all through the summer. In fact, a professional can tell you when it’s best to invest in an entirely new system. The cost of replacing an AC can be very high and it is often less expensive to simply call in a professional and have them handle the installation process.

The simplest sign that it’s time for an AC repair is when the system isn’t producing cold air. This can be a result of numerous problems, but it’s usually best to let an HVAC technician take a look at the situation.

Another common issue is the occurrence of ice on the evaporator coils inside the outdoor unit. The ice can be caused by any number of factors, including the presence of dirt or a dirty air filter, and it will stop the unit from cooling effectively. If you notice that the coils are covered in ice, turn the unit off and run it only on fan mode until they thaw.

If your AC system shuts off on its own, this is an indication that the compressor is overheating and triggering the safety control to shut it down. This is something that only an experienced HVAC technician should work on and it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Other signs that you should call for an AC repair are unusually high energy bills, a lack of cool air and strange noises coming from the unit. A trained technician will be able to test the system for any leaks and fix them as needed. They can also help you understand how humidity affects the performance of your system and make suggestions to reduce the level of moisture in the air. This can prevent mold and mildew and keep your home more comfortable.