LOOKS Auto Detailing is a cleaning process that goes beyond the basic wash

LOOKS Auto Detailing is a cleaning process that goes beyond the basic wash and wax. It consists of the meticulous restoration of the exterior and interior of the vehicle, aiming to bring it back to its original condition. It also involves adding a layer of protection to the surface, whether it is a stain repellant for leather seats or a ceramic coating to protect the paint from fading due to sun exposure. It doesn’t deal with major defects, however, and would require a trip to the body shop for that.

To start a detailing business, you will need the right equipment and supplies to perform your services. Some of these include microfiber towels, car degreaser, tar remover, and other specialized cleaners. It’s important to use your materials wisely and to read the instructions on the bottle. This will help you save on costs as you won’t have to buy new materials every time. Moreover, it will also allow you to keep a clean workspace and avoid any potential accidents. Regular detailing also helps maintain the health of a vehicle by removing contaminants that can damage its surface over time. These contaminants include tree sap, bird droppings, and road tar.

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